I) Introduction :

Sharing helps users access data resources easily and conveniently . There are some computers play a role as a sharing centre , and other computers can access to use resources like Data, Printer or Internet ...

A computer which shares Data resources is called File Server.
This computer is a File Server if it meets these requirements :
- Turn off Firewall
- Using Classic Authentication
- Has a list of users account - so other computers will use these accounts to access File Server.

II) Sharing :

1) Data sharing and sharing permission : 

- We can only share a folder - NOT A FILE .
- Folder A include folder B and C, if you want to share all of them,  sharing  folder A is enough .
- Only Administrators has a right to share .
- Sharing only  affects to users log on from other computers, it won't work with directly logging on  .

(For example computer A has a user A and he has a right to access folder XXX, so if user A log on from computer B - he will see this folder ; if he log on at computer A - he won't see it)

How to Share : Right click on a folder you want to share> Properties> Sharing > Share...
                    Or for more options, choose Advanced Sharing ... > Tick at Share this folder .
Notice :
at Permissions>  Share Permissions : You will see 3 options :
 + Full control : User can do anything to this folder contents
 + Write : User can create new contents or change it, but cannot delete it .
 + Read  : User just read them, cannot change or delete .

2) Let's watch the video :

It's  mostly the best way to understand the bunch of theories, and it's always faster than reading .
But you need more concentration :


Notice that, Computer 2 WILL NOT  access folder created in DESKTOP ...
My teacher told me that is because of Desktop is Work-Place of user and doesn't permit any other user access shared folder on it. Quite ambiguous ! I will find it out and tell ya later !


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