I) Introduction : 

File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) is an advanced function helps admin manage File Server efficiently .
Administrator can limit  user's disk space usage, stop user from accessing some specific file and supervising user .

II) Practice

Server Manager > Right click on Roles > Add Role, next > check File Services, next > Check File Server Resource Manger, next >  Check the Drive you want to monitor , next and Install.
Close when finished  .

1) Folder & Disk Quota : 

First of all, create a new folder in C:/ or in any drive in your computer .
Start > Administrative Tools, File Server Resource Manager .
Quota Management> Right click on Quotas> Create Quota
Browse -> Specify a path for a folder you want to apply Disk Quota

You can use Disk Quota template or Define custom quota properties , right there , you specify a limit space for user (by soft quota - just for monitoring or hard quota) , add a warning ...

Close a custom disk quota dialog and press Create . Save it as a template for later use if you want .

Done !

*Disk Quota :
For each user you can have different limit disk spaces : in My Computer > Right click on Drive you want to enable Disk Quota> Properties > Quota :

Check on Enable Disk Quota Management
If you don't check Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit , there will be only a warning for user, NOT a Denial when user reach disk space quota limit.

Specify user by click on Quota Entries  ...  > New Quota Entry . And add user to apply disk quota to him .

2) Prohibit user from copying a file to a Folder

First of all, create a new folder in C:/ or in any drive in your computer .
Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > File Server Resource Manager > File Screening Management  >  Right click to File Screens > Create File Screen ... Specify a Folder you want to prohibit user from doing something.

> Define  custom file screens properties > Custom Properties => Select group you want to block, choose some options, use Edit to view and modify them or you can Create your own option by clicking Create..

You can also exclude some files that user are allowed to copy to C:/Folder by click on Create... and choose file to exclude . Remeber create a file group name

For example :
a) You don't want  user to copy a .EXE files to your Folder, but user can copy a file name GoodFile.EXE , so you type in Files to exclude : GoodFile.Exe
b) You want to prohibit user from copying a file have a extension .XXX , so you type in Files to include : ".XXX" - without quotation marks .

After finishing custom properties, just press OK , at Create File Screen , press Create . Save it as a template if you want.

Done!  If you have any question, don't hesitate to comment here, I will reply within 24 hours ^.^
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