Today I got a problem with booting to Windows 7, after helping a girl last night LOL .
She asked me how to divide a partition in Windows, I tried to do it with out Hiren Boot CD, by using Disk Management .  I use dual boot Windows 7 - Ubuntu and I tried to delete partition which hosts Ubuntu OS & SWAP partition .

I got 3 other drive called : C (Windows OS is here), D and E .  Then I extended E by taking all partition I kept my Ubuntu OS before .

Now I got 3 partitions : C, D and E.

Today, I restart my computer and got a prolem when booting , It shows a command line "Grub Rescue"

Hmm... I tried to insert a Windows Install Disk and repair (you should try this first if you got a same problem), but not successful.
I do some searches on Google and found it !

After inserting a Windows Install Disk, you go to Repair and Choose Command Line , and just type "bootrec /fixmbr " (without a quotation marks) .

It works perfectly !


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