I) Network Access :

1/ Configure IP address :

If you don't know how to set an IP Address for a computer, please watch this video :

2/ Ping :
Set IP address to 2 computers 1 & 2 :

Computer 1 : /
Computer 2 : /

We will disable Firewall on both of these Computers, and try to use PING  command to test their connnection (before doing that, just plug both cables to a Switch or directly connect 2 computers) .

Watch this video :

3/ Access Authentication :

In Windows : there are 2 models of authentication
a) Classic : 3 STEPS
STEP 1 :
- Computer 1 is want to access Computer 2 will try to use its CURRENT ACCOUNT (username & password) .
STEP 2 :
- If not successful, Computer 1 will use Guest Account to access.

- If not successful, Computer 1 will see a Dialog Box requires to Type Username/Password in order to access Computer 2.
-If not successful, ACCESS DENIED !

Please watch the video to fully understand what I am saying, it has made me confused at the first time, I know you do, too .

b) Guest Only : 

Using Guest Account to access, if Guest Account has been disabled, Access is denied regardless User is Administrator (because only Guest account has a permission to access)


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